Thursday, July 29, 2010

Thing #11.5 Learning is a Constant Journey

My favorite discoveries and exercises were the Image Generators, especially Animoto and the Screencast. These were simple exercises to manuever and work. With both of these, I can see using them at home as well as at work.

The first Library to Play I did was amazing and eye opening. This one was just as amazing. I have learned that technology is growing faster than I'll ever be able to keep up with. I will need to continue to review these exercises as well as the previous one just to keep up. These exercises as so great I believe that all educators should be aware of all these great educational resources and tools to not only increase and expand their learning, but their teaching as well.

The most amazing thing to me was the article about the Itouches and the cost of using them versus books and papers at school. It's a concept I would DEFINITELY want to see put in place. With the budget of education shrinking and the expectations of more and BETTER learning increasing, its an idea that definitely needs to be strongly considered.

I think a good thing to CONSIDER is having a couple of face-to-face meeting so that players can collaborate on difficulties and/or advise for different exercises. I knew a colleague who was working on the Library to Play who helped me through some of the exercises that helped me.

I truly enjoyed my journey through my Library to Play. I'm looking forward to my next one!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Thing #11 - The BIG 6

Wordle: Big 6

It fascinates me how our technology world works. The roles and information about technology changes between student and teacher. Students have their own purpose and intent for the Internet and technology. Mostly it's for personal networking and entertainment. Many times students and/or our own children teach us about new things coming on the Internet and about technology, yet we are the teachers. At the same time, we as teachers know the boundaries, the does and don'ts that the students and/or children either choose to ignore or just don't do.

It is ALL teacher's responsibility to teacher digital literacy as it's called. I like the diagram of the student in the middle with safety, etiquette, learning strategies and literacy. I believe all these skills should and can be taught at each grade level and each subject.

To teach Digital Citizenship I would give the students different scenarios and and have them work through the Big 6 steps on how to solve the problem and what is correct or incorrect when it comes to Digital Citizenship. This lesson needs to be taught at each grade level because as times change, so do the rules.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thing #10 - My Second Life

The Second Life tool can be described as interesting and fun, yet confusing and hard to understand. I felt that I was prepared by going through the guides and tutorials, but when I actually started to play, I was confused and felt uneducated.

As I read through and watched the videos, I saw a wide array of lessons for the classroom. A teacher being able to go into Second Life and create a classroom and/or library and students meeting in the classroom to discover different worlds and solve real world applications. Even as a counselor, I can see me using this as a tool to explore colleges and universities.

I plan to continue exploring my Second Life. I do want to learn more about it. I love the concept, the exploring, the freedom to do and be whoever you want to be. As a teacher, I believe it takes learning to a level that is unlimited and endless.

Friday, July 23, 2010

#9 Goodbye Powerpoint; Hello Sideshare

I never really organized and presented a Power Point presentation. I have edited and added information to others. I remember the person having to save it, then email it to me, then me editing and emailing it back. This went back and forth for a few days until it was finished. I can't even imagine students trying to work together having to go back and forth saving information and emailing back and forth to get a project done.

The new generation of Power Point, Slideshare, makes collaborating with group on a slide show not only easier that saving and emailing back and forth, but more animated and easier to share with MULTIPLE groups worldwide and webwide. I can even see the teacher adding notes and suggestions to the presentations as well as students from different schools and states. I think Slideshare is a great tool for students that can provide a wealth of resources and knowledge.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thing # 8 Capturing My Screen

I enjoyed working with Jing and Freescreencast. It was a fun tool, but I was trying to envision how to use it as a counselor as well as a teacher. In counseling, students can produce videos on how to produce resumes, how to fill out applications online and how to do college searches at different sites. These videos can be used to help other students.

As a teacher, student could produce "How to" videos on downloading music, making making webpages, etc. These could be projects in Speech, Multimedia, etc. Students could collaborate and learn skills from other students.

I enjoyed exploring this tool and look forward to more!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Thing #7 - Posting Videos

I went to several resources on videos. Hulu had some "interesting" videos on it. I like the fact it has everything from movies to television shows to watch. Blinkx was OVERWHELMING with all the videos, movies, TV shows and how-to videos. It just overwhelms me that you can download and watch movies right from your computer. Wow has technology changed!

Neok12 was my favorite for educational resources. It had some great teaching videos on
a wide variety of subjects, some powerpoint and some with actual teachers. The even had videos on how to play piano and different sports.

As a counselor, I found various videos on Calculating GPA, How to do College Searches, and even bullying and date rape videos. We have a college room at Spring Woods and I would love to see these videos downloaded available for students to view.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Thing #6 - Iphone, Itouch

I became the owner of an Iphone almost a year ago. At first, I wasn't a real fan of the phone. I decided to go ahead and see what all the uproar was about. As I started downloading apps and became aware of all the tools and resources available I was happy I purchased it. Reading the blogs and seeing the video on the educational side of the Itouch. I was truly surprised about the savings of using and Itouch in schools versus books, paper and other required supplies. It's AMAZING. I'm all for the Ischool. I think its an interesting concept and would be interested to see it in place somewhere.
My blog is suppose to address a list of ways the Itouch can be used by multiple students versus assigning it to one student. Some ways are:
1. Using the app for books (Classics, Bookshelf) the students are currently reading, any student in any grade level can find their book on the Itouch;
2. The app for reference books can be downloaded so that all students can have access to it. This would help students find information quick and easy;
3. Students doing math homework after school could use the calculator applications if they have not purchased a graphing calculator.
These are just a FEW things that the Itouch can be used for. I was enlightned by the information I learned reading and listening to the information.